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Health Cuisine

in a Classic Cafe Scene

Our Priority

Fresh Ingredients

Polocafe has a varied selection of foods and drinks. It is a place where people who cook with love and a spirit of adventure prepare different cuisines.

Our ingredients are chosen with care, we try our best to buy local, and stay away from using artificial colourants and preservatives.

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Opening Hours

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Monday to Saturday

09:30 am to 07:30 pm

Our Story

On a very historical and religious festival of Baisakhi which falls on 13th April 2016, Polo Cafe was inaugurated by our esteemed Chairperson “Mrs. Gurmeet Kaur” and “Simar Nihal Singh” in Banni Address One, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon, much to the delight of the residents of the Golf Course Road.

Polo Cafe as the name suggests is on the theme of Polo using the best local produce based on the principles of Healthy Food.

The name “Polo Cafe” emphasizes Polo’s place in the community as it is based on the close proximity to the Gurgaon Polo and Equestrian Club on Golf Course Road where, in the 1900’s, Polo matches were played.

Free range and fair trade.  Try our delicious and wholesome meals or a sweet treat with coffee.


“We make eating your way fun and delicious. No matter what your dietary preferences, no matter what you’re craving, you can feel good about eating at Polo Cafe”


Polo Café in Gurgaon has a reputation for exceptional food and professional service on the theme “Health Cuisine in a Classic Café Scene”, to bring the best local produce based on the principles of ‘Healthy Food’.


We look forward to welcoming you soon.

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Hot deals

Hot eats, cold treats

2 Cappuccino + 1 Healthy veg Sandwich
Rs 220 Rs 200
2 Strawberry Shake + 1 Muffin
Rs 270 Rs 250
5 Polo Tea + 2 Egg Sandwich
Rs 270 Rs 250

Rocking Polo Deals @ Rs 500

2 Cappuccino + 2 Cold Coffee + 2 Healthy Veg Sandwich +1 Tomato Cheese Sandwich+3 Chocolate Small
4 Polo Tea + 2 Cold Coffee+2 Healthy Veg Sandwich +2 Maggi +3 Chocolate Small
2 Cold Coffee + 2 Cappuccino + 1 Lime Soda + 2 Healthy Veg Sandwich + 3 Chocolate Small

Smart Deals @Rs 1000

5 Cold Coffee + 2 KitKat Shake + 2 Oreo Shake + 3 Healthy Veg Sandwich + 3 Chocolate Small
5 Cappuccino + 2 Strawberry Shake + 2 KitKat Shake + 5 Tomato Cheese Sandwich + 3 Chocolate Small
2 Café Mocha + 5 Cappuccino + 3 Cold Coffee + 2 KitKat Shake + 3 Tomato Cheese Sandwich + 3 Chocolate Small

Our Staff

We have a experienced team of Chef which can serve you better with full enthusiastic and energetic way, you feels home.


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